How SMB Owners Should Deal with Argumentative Emails

In addition to dealing with dissatisfied customers, small business owners also have the responsibility to deal with their angry employees who usually communicate their arguments through email. Receiving a contentious can easily get your mind out of focus. However, there are some things which you can do to avoid getting overwhelmed by your negative emotions and gain control over the situation. Here's a short guideline which you might want to follow.


1) Don't respond right away. Read the entire email. Stay calm. Wait for everything to set clearly on your mind. Otherwise, your email response will express all your defensive feelings and thoughts. Practice restraint and set a good example to all your employees.


2) Re-read the email. This will help you analyze the heart of the email. Cross out all the unnecessary comments and unprofessional language. Highlight the facts and underscore the real purpose of the message. Once you're aware of your employee's concern, you will be able to respond to him in clear and gentle manner.


3) Call the concerned employee. Discuss your employee's problem in your office. Calmly explain your decision on the issue. If he interrupts you, gently ask him to allow you to finish your explanation first.


4) Let the employee respond. Allow him to vent out his anger; but, don't engage in an argument with him. Simply listen until he finishes talking. When he wants you to respond, just follow up your previous explanation with your solutions to the problem.


5) Correct the argumentative behavior of your employee. Let the employee know that you fully understand his frustrations because of the problem he experienced. However, you must make it clear to him that a culture of respect is essential in your company and he must observe it at all times and in any form of communication.


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